Anna Rawson Interview
By Kickntrue on 11/16/07

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The following is the written transcription of my recent interview with professional golfer and model Anna Rawson. For added pleasure I strongly advise you to click the play button above and listen to our conversation. Anna's Australian accent makes it worth it, as if she wasn't cute enough.

Anna has been playing on the European Tour in 2007 and will be playing at the end of this month in Daytona Beach to qualify for the LPGA Tour. For more information (and pictures) on Anna please visit her website,

Andrew: Where are we talking to you from?
Anna: I'm at my house in Los Angeles. This is where I live. I've lived here the past 7 years, although I don't spend much time here. Maybe 2 or 3 months a year, total.

Andrew: And you're in between activities right now?
Anna: Yes, this is actually the first time since February that I've been here for two weeks. I just got back from northern California Sunday night and I'm actually here exactly two weeks before I head to Daytona.

Andrew: Great, well welcome home I guess.
Anna: Thank you (like I'm a bumbling idiot).

I have no problem filling out a full day. So I'll probably be out there 5 or 6 hours today.
Andrew: What do you between events? What do you spend your time doing?
Anna: Well basically when I'm in Los Angeles I definitely get appointments with my coaches and go down and see them, so they can check on everything. I basically train. I had an appointment with my trainer to check everything out, but for fun I definitely try to check up with all my friends and go out and eat some great food. Los Angeles has the best restaurants. I love to go out and eat and catch up.

Andrew: Who are you working with right now golf wise? I know you worked with Butch Harmon. Are you still working with him or someone else?
Anna: No, I work with local guys. I have a guy I work with my swing on, Dana Dahlquist. And then I worked with Dave and Ronnie Stockton on my short game.

Andrew: And can you tell me a little about your practice routine. Maybe breakdown how much time you spend and what you do?
Anna: It honestly depends on the day. I mean if I play- like yesterday I played 18 and had a lesson in the morning. It's usually a full day. I have no problem filling out a full day. Today is a little easier I don't have any appointment so I'll go today and start at the range and spend a couple hours there. It depends how I'm hitting it. If I feel like I'm hitting it really well I won't stay that long. Sometimes I like to stay. It is just really open. I'm working really hard right now on my short game because I've been hitting it really well for awhile now. So that's kind of under control so I'm focusing on my short game because then if you don't hit it well, I'm still going to score- so that's really been my focus. So I'll probably be out there 5 or 6 hours today. I have to drive in LA which isn't as nice. So sometimes it will take in the car an hour or an hour and a half.

Andrew: At this point in your career does it feel like a job, that some days you have to drag yourself out there or is it still fun every day?
Anna: You know what? In the beginning of my career it was much more like a job. Now it's exciting because I have so much more understanding of the game and I'm out there and I know exactly what I'm doing wrong. My swing is at the point where it's usually the set up that's the issue. So it's really fun. I can stand up and hit draws and fades and when I hit a bad shot I know what I'm doing so it's actually way more exciting now and more fun. I can't wait to get out there.

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I'm actually so annoyed right now because daylight savings just ended so it gets dark at 5:30- it's pitch black. You know, I'd be out there until 8:30, 9:00 I think if I could. And it doesn't get light until 7, so it's not ideal at the moment. I wish I could live in daylight savings all year round.

Andrew: Well you know, daylight savings is good for me, because I quit after 15 holes and say I shot an eighty.
Anna: Ha- well there you go (another sigh at how stupid I am and regretting she agreed to this). Also to back to traffic. I mean I used to be able to avoid the traffic. I'd come home from golf at 8 and avoid the traffic but now I have to come home at 5 o'clock with everyone else.

Andrew: What is your favorite place in the world that you've been because of golf?
Anna: Wow... my favorite city in the world is Istanbul, in Turkey, but I've never been there because of golf. My best friend from college lives there so if I have a week off I tend to go there, so I guess that's kind of because of golf. What's the best? Wow... I've been to so many places. (This is my one moment of glory. It seems I asked one truly good question and she is stumped.) I loved Beijing. I love China. So that was fantastic. I love Asian food. I've also been to Tokyo and that was cool too. I mean I've been to so many great cities. I love Paris, I spent a lot of time there this year. I love Spain as well. Tenerife actually was really cool, but that's not an exact city.

Andrew: We'll take it- that counts as an answer.
Anna: Ok. (Thankfully- I won that battle.)

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Andrew: Now I have to ask because you also do some modeling. Do you feel more pressure to perform because some people look at you as a sex symbol as opposed to a world-class golfer?
Anna: I would say I have more to prove than other people. I don't necessarily feel the pressure because I put way too much pressure on myself anyway. So it's not really a pressure, but it's quite funny actually. I was playing in an invitational tournament in Morocco a week ago and a guy was talking to me and there are amateurs involved in this tournament because it's a pro-am. A lot of people aren't really sure if I'm a pro or an amateur and most of the time they assume I'm not a pro. So it's really funny. So I'm talking to them and they were like, "Oh well at least you get guaranteed money for last place." And I was thinking- ok so this guy is talking to me, he knows nothing about me, and he's just assuming because of what I look like I'm going to finish last. Like they invited me because of the way I look and not because of my golf game. And I was furious just thinking about this. This guy has no idea. I'm going to win and this guy is going to feel like such an idiot on Sunday.

Andrew: So how did you do?
Anna: I actually finished 4th. I was two shots out of 2nd. I had 2nd in the bag but I kind of choked at the end, and a lot of people were like good job, you came in fourth. And I'm like, oh god I probably played the worst I could have possibly played and finished fourth.

Andrew: Do you wish you could keep modeling and golf separate?
Anna: Well, I think it's great for golf. I think I can add a lot more to the women's sport by using my modeling to promote it. So no, I like that I can combine them. It's just... funny. When you try to do something besides the golf everyone has criticisms. It makes it harder; you're in the public eye more.

Andrew: Do you see it from other players?
Anna: No, not really. The smart ones love it because they realize I'm doing all their promotional work for them and I'm getting us all more exposure and they don't have to lift a finger. A lot of players are really supportive. Some players aren't, but they don't really tell me so I don't know.

Andrew: So what can we expect from you in Daytona Beach?
Anna: A "W". A win. I really do. I expect to win. I've been playing so well and working so hard. It's just about time. I'm hoping this can be my first win.

I like to know how many greens and fairways I'm hitting and stuff like that, but when I focus on stats I'm not focused on scoring, so I try not to focus on stats.
Andrew: What do you need to get a card?
Anna: I'm not sure. They don't tell you until you get there. I heard rumors there were only 8 cards. It's kind of sad if that is the case. I'm not really worried about it. I don't really care. If I'm not in the top 8 I shouldn't be there anyway. I'm not even thinking about that, I have no idea. I just expect to finish first. That's the way I went into the first qualifying school and I finished 2nd so I'm going to do the same thing.

Andrew: So if you get a card we're going to see you in the US next year?
Anna: Oh yes, of course. I'll be here. I think regardless I'm going to spend a lot more time here next year, but I still love the European Tour and I'd love to support it so ideally I'd like to play both.

Andrew: I guess I want to open it up to you. Is there anything you want to say, tell us, a story, etc?
Anna: Well you were saying about the stats. And a lot of people love to look at stats all the time, and I'm not a stat girl, at all. I like to know how many greens and fairways I'm hitting and stuff like that, but when I focus on stats I'm not focused on scoring, so I try not to focus on stats. (Laughing) that's probably not what you want to hear.

Andrew: No, that's actually great feedback. I think you're absolutely right. I talked to users of our site who tell me, "Sometimes I'm on the fringe and I putt but I don't count it as a putt to improve my stats." But the fact is- if you still bogied the hole, what's the difference? I think that's good feedback. There are tools you use to improve your game, but they don't make the game. You can hit 100% of fairways but if you don't hit the green in scoring range, you're not going to score.

And tell me... I was reading your site. The Godfather?

Anna: Uh-huh, yah?

Andrew: So that's your thing?
Anna: Yes, I love it. I only saw it about a year and a half ago and it's my favorite movie. Actually I saw American Gangster the other night, basically because they were saying it's the modern, or 1970's American gangster movie in New York [like the Godfather] more of the black side or whatever. I was so excited to see it but I was so disappointed. The thing I love about the Godfather is it's so artistic and there are so many good scenes that aren't "shoot shoot bang bang." Like if you were asking my favorite scene, it is the one where Michael Corleone goes to Sicily because he killed the bad guy. This is the young Michael Corleone and he met his wife in Sicily and I love that whole thing... and she actually gets blown up, but I mean that whole part of the movie is my favorite part.

Andrew: Well I saw American Gangster last week as well and there was definitely some "shoot shoot bang bang," but I thought it was decent. That said- I don't know if it will stand the test of time like The Godfather.
Anna: It's the actors that make The Godfather. I love Russell Crowe but he was not on his game. He spoke in an Australian accent a lot. So that bothered me.

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Andrew: He was fat wasn't he? He looked fat. I thought he gained weight.
Anna: No. That's his shape. He has a big sit-up stomach. Did you see Gladiator? It was the same. Maybe it was his hair-do. I dunno. His accent was so bad. When he got angry or mad he spoke in an Australian accent.

Andrew: Can you turn your accent on and off?
Anna: Yah- I think you can if you focus on it. It's so difficult when you get mad. I'm sure it would be when you're acting, but somebody should have picked that up and said, "Ok we need to reshoot this."

Andrew: Ok- well we can try to let him know you think this.
Anna: Oh no... oh god.

Andrew: Calm down. I'm sure we have no connections to Russell Crowe so I think you're fine.
Anna: Oh good.

Andrew: Well Anna, I really appreciate your time I don't want to take any more of it. Thanks.
Anna: No problem, take care.

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DeepRough says:
great stuff man! nice work!
golfgirl says:
I'm really hoping to come back as Anna Rawson in my next life.
klangdon says:
I'm really hoping to come back as Anna Rawson's boyfriend...
MrBusinessGolf says:
Being my luck, I will come back as Anna's grandfather. Great work there Andrew.
falcon50driver says:
Very nice, but can she cook?
LexMacar says:
"Well you know, daylight savings is good for me, because I quit after 15 holes and say I shot an eighty." way to CRASH AND BURN!!!!!!!!!! Breath, Andrew i know she is absolutely beautiful but you got to breath. lol other than that good job
Kickntrue says:
It wasn't my fault really. I knew she was Australian, but she kept ratcheting up the accent.
volleyhart says:
Anna ... Russell Crowe is on line 1.
Cal says:
I'm jealous
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