I wear these as driving gloves, seriously.
Don't Give Up On 2007 Golf
By Kickntrue on 11/29/07
This is a public service announcement from oobgolf.com for residents of states above the 37th parallel. This year they've decided to include 12 months in the year and as a result of this groundbreaking decision- you still have a month to golf in 2007, weather be damned. Most courses offer great winter rates and this is a chance to play a course one last time.

I suggest you go out and buy a pair of cold weather golf gloves (I bought these) and dial up your local course. The cold weather gloves are made to wear on both hands while still providing grip and feel. In fact, I think the gloves are so great I bought multiple pair and I wear them as my everyday winter gloves.

Another thing I suggest when going out is to remember you are doing it because you love golf and want to hit a couple last good shots. I think it could be a good idea to not keep score and maybe play a couple balls. Take a friend out and make up a goofy betting game to keep your frustrations off the fact that you'll have a couple more mis-hits than usual.

Finally, rumor has it that 2008 will also include 12 months and golfers are encouraged to use January and February as a opportunity to hone their short game skills that will be needed for the following 9 months.

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golfgirl says:
Cart heaters and Cognac help too.
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