Actually, I hope they do play.
Aussie Looking To Pick Fight With Tiger
By Kickntrue on 11/30/07
19 year old pro golf rookie Jason Day from Australia is saying some things he may soon regret. He plans on chasing down Tiger Woods as the world's best golf and plans on breaking Tiger's records as he does it. Confidence is good. That said, I hope for Day's sake he doesn't have to go toe to toe with Tiger next season.

Actually, I think it's good for golf for someone to be saying these things. If you're not playing to win why bother? I hope Jason does win on the PGA Tour next year and does it while beating Woods down the stretch.

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duecebomb says:
ummmm... good luck?!
twood says:
let me know how that works out for you
Cal says:
Apparently he's been hanging out with Sabattini...
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