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Would You Play A Synthetic Golf Course?
By Kickntrue on 12/4/07
A golf course opening near Luxembourg Airport is opening a new course that features artificial greens that are made to have the same physical attributes of real grass. There is now talk of the possibility of a completely synthetic course, right down to the bunkers. They could do it, but would you play it?

I think I'd personally want to give it a shot, but I'm not sure it would be much more than a novelty. If it could truly replicate the conditions of a real course it could be an amazing investment, especially for courses with harsh climates for grass growing. The problem for me would be losing the feel of the perfect divot. I take such joy in that. Plus, how are they going to replicate the moss patch up against a tree 30 yards off the fairway? That's the lie I'm most familiar with.

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klangdon says:
if the technology continues to improve might go the same way as grass tee boxes at driving ranges. from a business perspective you just can't justify the maintainence costs...
DeepRough says:
Someone was working on building one in Colorado somewhere...I don't know where that stands. They had wanted to do tee->green all synthetic...I'm guessing they ran out of cash ;)
DeepRough says:
oh yeah...one in Australia as well..

Australia's first synthetic golf course
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