oobgolf Way Ahead On Anna Rawson
By Kickntrue on 12/5/07
If you surf multiple sports sites on the web you may have noticed our favorite new LPGA member Anna Rawson all over the web today. She was featured at SI.com which led to articles at Deadspin.com and WithLeather.com amongst others. I seem to recall doing an interview with her over 2 weeks ago.

To say Anna made the LPGA Tour is only partially correct though. Anna actually finished 18th the Q-School finals leaving her one spot out of gaining a full-time card on the tour leaving her on the conditional status list. Essentially this makes Anna the first alternate for events and while that most likely means she'll be playing a lot of golf next year on American soil it also means she's not exactly Paula Creamer or Natalie Gulbis. Hopefully, for golf's sake and every male in the country there will be at least one sick or injured golfer at each even next season.

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falcon50driver says:
What was that guy's name who hit the skater Nancy Kerrigan in the knee with a pipe, So that Tanya Harding could win? Wonder if he's available ?
duecebomb says:
you are one clever man merlin!
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