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By Kickntrue on 12/10/07
We've entered a contest run by Intuit to try to win $50k for start-up costs. Please go to our page and vote for us. You also get a rare chance to see founder Kevin Langdon speak about the site. I'm not sure we mention this enough, but we do offer a free service and this could be great for us. Thanks! (VoteHere)

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volleyhart says:
Good luck!
Kickntrue says:
Thanks! Just a note to those clicking in- the Intuit page loads kind of slow. It makes you watch a short intro from them before Kevin's peice comes on. Just wait for it. Give us 5 stars and a good comment. We are currently in the top couple so we could actually have a chance.
LexMacar says:
GOOD DEAL EVERY NEW IP O GO on i click the 5 stars!
jdaly says:
5 stars from me!
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