Will John Daly make headlines in 08?
2008 Predicted (Funny Version)
By Kickntrue on 1/2/08
A lot of golf writers take a stab at predicting what will happen in the coming year. Hats off to Bob Smiley for not taking himself too seriously. His list is worth reading. Some of my favorite predictions:
*Former President Clinton will talk Tiger into letting Hillary hit the opening drive at the AT&T Classic in Washington, D.C. She will whiff twice, a blunder that costs her the White House and comes to be known as the most significant golf shot never hit.
*Major League Baseball will agree to let Roger Clemens keep his Cy Young Awards but the PGA Tour will insist he give back the $20,000 he and Greg Norman won at the ADT Skills Challenge in November.
* Rory Sabbatini will start endorsing a new spikeless golf shoe. Although it provides almost no on-course traction, he claims it's much less painful to put in his mouth.

The funny thing is, as crazy as his full list is, I would almost bet that one of them could happen.

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