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First Golf Of 2008
By Kickntrue on 1/7/08
Thanks to wonderful weather I'll be playing my first round of 2008 tomorrow morning at 8:30am. I just felt like bragging. If anyone near Germantown, MD wants to join me- I think my group still has an available spot.

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chipotle mg says:
wish i could have fun & good luck
chipotle mg says:
lol i meant wish i could join you.*
falcon50driver says:
I'd like to get a round in with you sometimes. I'll try to get in contact next time we're up there. We played in Beaumont, Texas today. It was 75 degrees, but a little windy.
Steveberrywv says:
Live in Pinehurst,NC, and have already played once this new year. On a day that it was 44*. Playing this Wednesday at "The Pit" here in Pinehurst and the weather channel says it is going to be around 64*. I can almost play year round here in the Sandhills.
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