Golf's Beautiful Environment
Golf Is Good For Environment
By Kickntrue on 1/9/08
I keep seeing more and more sites pop up that preach the horrors of golf courses to the environment and I've had enough. Thank goodness the USGA has been good enough to provide an online .pdf explaining all of the benefits of golf to people and wildlife so I can shut all the greenies up.

Before some of you get too bent out of shape, I want to make it clear that I don't think all environmental conservationists are crazy but ones devoting all of their time specifically to hate golf courses is a bit weak. There are many battles to win in the fight against global warming and anything else that may be ruining our planet from its natural resources and viable living conditions but I personally have a hard time buying that golf courses are one of those legitimate battles. Go protest an oil refinery or something.

Golf Is Good

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Josh says:
Here's a crazy statement: "I don't think all environmental conservationists are crazy"
falcon50driver says:
We should make room for all god's creatures too....Right next to the mashed potatoes.
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