Do You Break Enough Tees?
By Kickntrue on 1/11/08 posted a blog entry this week about breaking tees when driving the ball with both your metal woods and irons. When reading it I realized it was a lot of stuff I knew or should have known but haven't really thought about. It really is an easy way to get feedback on your swing. (BreakTees)

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falcon50driver says:
I'm always looking for a way to reduce the amount of STUFF in my bag. I have found something that I highly recommend. It's called the WEDGE TEE. It's plastic, and wedge shaped, and virtually indestructable. They are very hard to find in stores though. Only one golf course in our area carries them. I have used them for a little over a year now and the best thing about it is you only need to carry ONE in your pocket instead of a handful. I've only needed ONE for several months each, the only reason to need another is if you forget to pick it up. Since they are brightly colored ,and flat, so they are easy to find. I was able to get rid of that annoying little bag of tees hanging on my golf bag. Another thing is, less litter on the tee box.
klangdon says:
m2d, sounds interesting. Is this the product:
falcon50driver says:
Yes Kevin, That is the product, however their order form is very off putting because of international shipping.... I just bought a few more locally in case I lose one.....Did I mention that they will also lower your handicap, Increase your drive distance,and make you more attractive to the opposite sex?
golfray says:
Hey, I tried them and now my drives go perfectly straight, however some unexpected side effects are, headache, nausea, stomach pains, glaucoma, and tormenting rectal itch, but hey, at least my drives are straight now.
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