"MDF" Gets Daly and Others
By Kickntrue on 1/14/08
John Daly as well as 17 other golfers were listed as "MDF" at this past weekend's Sony Open. "MDF" stands for Made Cut, Did Not Finish. It's a new rule meant to keep field sizes down for the weekend when there are too many ties at the cut number. Pretty interesting new rule that many don't seem happy about. (Explanation)

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Bloomer says:
golfray says:
I read the explanation. What a crock. I'd be plenty mad too if I met the cut and was eliminated by some arbitrary new provision to the rules.
chipotle mg says:
it's too early to tell, but after 1 event where the rule could possibly come into play and having about 15 or more players affected; i'm thinking it is a bit of a big deal. also if you dont finish i'm pretty sure you "got cut". i think it should be termed mgp = missed (cut) got paid.
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