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Demo Day At The PGA Merchandise Show
By Kickntrue on 1/16/08
Day one is in the books at the PGA Merchandise show and it was a good one. Today was Demo Day and we were shuttled on buses out to the Orange County National Golf Center and we got to see and test all the new equipment coming in 2008.

We had a couple really great conversations and stories to tell- which we will get to over the next couple of days. It is really fun to see the owners of small and large golf companies sharing their products and ideas with the world. Some of the best times we had today were meeting with men and women who had simple ideas and then converted them into products. We listened to people tell us how they had ideas over beers and now they sell their tees world wide. We were also (somewhat) convinced that their tee was so good it could increase driving distance by 3-10 yards. We also talked to a father/son team who decided to start making putters. Kevin was so infatuated after trying it out on the green he tried to buy their prototype right off their table.

We also saw a couple products that make you scratch you head including a device that you attach to your shoe that gives you golf swing advice as you stand over the ball on a small LED screen. Unreal.

The convention center is set up for the next 3 days and is just massive. If you've ever been to a weekend golf show- double it, and you have what we're dealing with. We're not sure we'll be able to cover the entire show floor in 3 days.

Starting tomorrow we'll be able to live blog as the day goes on and deliver news and insights from the events. Many companies hold press conferences to announce new and innovative products. Should be fun.

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volleyhart says:
I think if I had the shoe tips, the screen would read "are you serious? Go home!"
Saturday Golfer says:
I am sure that there are some great stories behind some of the ma and pa products.
falcon50driver says:
Tell me more about the tees. Is it the Wedge Tee?
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