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PGA Merchandise Show- Day 1 (More)
By Kickntrue on 1/17/08
Kevin and I have been walking the show floor for hours now. Our feet our tired, our backs hurt and we've need enough crazy products to keep us busy for weeks. One of the funniest things about the show is how some companies hire attractive females and put them in skimpy outfits to try to sell their stuff. Men are pigs.

Two of the more fun products we've seen so far both revolve around the idea of on course transportation and getting away from traditions golf carts to individual units. Not only do they cost less to run but by allowing each golfer to have their own vehicle the speed of a round increases dramatically because each golfer can go directly to their ball. Naturally, one company focused on keeping exercise as part of the equation while the other wanted things easy and breezy. I rode around on the Bridgeburg Golf buggy for 2 or 3 minutes and I can tell you it's fantastic. If you are more into exercising try the Turf Trike.

Another cool product that we certainly didn't expect to see was the Big Daddy Driver. You know when a friend hits their ball into the rough and you tell them he'll need a weed whacker to find it? Now you can tell him- and actually hand him the tool. The Big Daddy Driver looks like a club, but at the "head" it folds back to reveal a battery powered weed whacker. Weird- but cool.

Lastly (for this post), we found a Crocs booth at the show and thought it was a bit odd. Little did we know they make golf shoes now. Called, "The Ace" you will soon be able to buy a traditional Croc that has golf cleats built into the bottom.

Look for more later. We have a whole day to go and have much more to talk about. By the way- I didn't lie about pics. I'm just sorry if you thought I meant of hot girls.

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Saturday Golfer says:
Looks like some great stuff. I am sure that the golf course would love having golfers weed whack their course.

I saw a picture of some of the scantily clad girls on The Golf Channel's website.
golfgirl says:
"...some companies hire attractive females and put them in skimpy outfits to try to sell their stuff." That's news?

...And men aren't pigs. Men are men.
grand hawk x22 says:
Now I think it was just a bunch of dudes. Cool golf carts. Boo Weekly's would have to be the Bad Boy Buggie hunters modle.
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