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This Kelly Tilghman Thing Is Out Of Control
By Kickntrue on 1/20/08
Being away last week means I'm behind on posting about the Kelly Tilghman continuing story and quite frankly I'm fine with that. Giving my opinion on somthing this sensitive is probably not a great idea anyway. That said, I think we can all agree it's probably getting a bit out of control. (NooseCover)(Tiger'sNon-Stance)(JimThorpe)

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Josh says:
The fact that this is still something that is being discussed at all is pure lunacy and a really poor showing on the ridiculousness of our culture. This is only as big a deal as it is made by the media and morons like Sharpton. Racial tension is made WORSE, not better when people go looking for it in places where it isn't.

This was an innocent mistake, and to be honest if we weren't so hypersensitive and the media didn't make such a huff about it, it wouldn't even really be a "mistake".

volleyhart says:
This whole thing got blown out of proportion, certainly, and I'd agree that it likely got bigger because of the infamous notoriety it received. But I disagree that it should be overlooked, which is what Josh seems to be suggesting.
Josh says:
I guess my mindset is that she very likely would have said the exact same thing if it had been John Daly or another player, regardless of their race. Sure maybe it wasn't the smartest thing to say but quite frankly I doubt she had malicious intent in making the comment. Which is why I think it's absurd that this is even news. I'm not saying it should be "overlooked" I'm saying it's ridiculous that our society wants to look at it at all. To me this shouldn't be anymore than a handful of hypersensitive people making disapproving faces in their living rooms and then getting over it.
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