Bridgeburg Golf Turf Chopper
By Kickntrue on 1/22/08
The first product we wanted to feature from our recent trip was by far the most fun to test drive. The Bridgeburg Golf Turf Chopper is an individual cart unit for one rider and their bag. The bag goes under the seat and the driver rides it like a motorcycle or bike.

There a ton of advantages for golf courses to switch to these units over carts including the fact that they burn less energy and take up much less space to store. The also speed up play because each person can go directly to their ball.

From our test run we'd have to say they felt very stable and fast. The video blow is of Kevin trying the Turf Chopper out and it's no even set on half speed. We were assured that they would have no trouble on hills. The carts retail for under $2k which seems like a pretty great deal all things considered. Plus- if you have the money to spend, you'll pretty much be bad-ass riding one of these babies around the course and as a bonus you'll never pay a cart rental fee again.

Bridgeburg Golf Turf Chopper

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klangdon says:
You can also slide the front wheel under the bag and you then have an electric push cart to walk behind.
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