Worst ball is great for bunker play.
Playing Worst Ball
By Kickntrue on 1/23/08
Have you ever tried playing Worst Ball? Basically you play each hole with 2 balls for every shot, but instead of playing the better ball (like people would normally want to do) you must play the worst of the two. Even if you hit a wedge to 5 feet on your first shot, you have to hit the 2nd and play the worst. Imagine sinking an 8 foot putt to save par, and then needing to do it again. It's a great way to build confidence and put a little pressure on yourself. The other great thing is that playing even a couple holes this way will help your game. Because you are always playing the worst of two shots it will take a little longer so make sure you have a couple empty holes behind you.

I'd be interested to know if anyone has tried this and has any feedback?

Excerpted from A Disorderly Compendium of Golf
Copyright 2006 by Lorne Rubenstein and Jeff Neuman
Used by permission of Workman Publishing Co., Inc. New York
All Rights Reserved

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falcon50driver says:
Like most people, I've played the 2 ball, best ball, game when I couldn't find a partner. I've even played a round using only the second ball. I'll try the 2 ball, worst ball, and see how that works out. I've also played a round with a buddy , each of us using only one club. Anyone have any other ideas?
Kickntrue says:
m2d- i've done the one club before and of course best ball. i think what makes this idea unique is that it can really help you get better. while playing one club golf is kind of fun and goofy, i'm not sure it's making you any better.
falcon50driver says:
Getting better? What an interesting concept. That's the key to golf's popularity. Everyone seems to think they can get better. Problem is, there is no perfect game, like 300 in bowling. So no one will ever have a perfect game. Even if someone aced all four par 3s and all 10 par 4s and double eagled all 4 par 5s, for a round of 22. Some idiot would come along and hit a sprinkler head on a 600 yard par 5 for an ace and shoot a 21. I guess shooting 18 should be our goal?
dectra says:
Merlin, 18 would be nice, but I'd be happy to hit UNDER 100....
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