Gemspot Jewelled Putters
By Kickntrue on 1/24/08
I'm a terrible putter. I've tried inserts, milled, blades and mallets. Nothing seems to help so I think I'm going to switch to style over substance. Gemspot Jewelled Putters are a series of competition quality putters decorated in fine jewels and gemstones. The Deluxe Diamond model goes for a cool $10k. If birthstones are more your thing, try the Garnet model for just under $400. (Gemspot)

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DeepRough says:
Imagine trying to explain to your partners you had to settle for the $395 Blue Paua POS putter instead of stepping up to the plate to pickup the blinged out DIAMOND putter...geesh
golfgirl says:
I love sparkly putters.
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