Don't Overlook The Sox
By Kickntrue on 1/28/08
Golf equipment is a crazy market, especially when you consider the hardest of the hard-core care about their club's lie angle, shaft stiffness and composition, MOI, bounce and grip- and that's just ON the club. Add in shoes, accessories and golf gear and you have a mess of things to help your game along. You now have one more thing to care about- the performance of your socks. I give this company credit for making it seem like such a science. (JoxSox)

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DeepRough says:
who knew tube socks would come so far ;)
Kickntrue says:
i had a sample pair of JoxSox and wore them twice now. I don't want to get too crazy with things- but i must say they are amazing. really is a differnce.
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