Disabled Golfers Must Be Accommodated
By Kickntrue on 1/29/08
A federal court judge out of San Francisco ruled against Marriott International yesterday in a case involving accommodations for disabled golfers. It was ruled that courses must provide on course transportation for disabled where they do not need to leave the cart to play a round of golf, including onto greens and bunkers.

Marriott International is the world's largest golf resort management company and this case could lead to more rulings that will force other courses to follow suit.

I know that it can be volatile when you start talking about issues like this so I don't want to infuse too much of my personal opinion, but it seems like a we as American's sometimes take our "freedoms" a little too far. This is the kind of thing that if brought up against smaller muni's could shut them down. It's also the kind of thing that will lead to more discrimination when country clubs are choosing new members. Do you think they're going to accept someone who has a disability that could force them to change their policies and spending?

Opinions welcome.

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falcon50driver says:
San Francisco
mbills1015 says:
I'm all for making golf courses accessible to folks with disabilities, but it seems that a course should be able to make there own decisions regarding handicap accessibility. Especially for private clubs --- public clubs may have to follow court rulings, but private clubs should be able to run there courses as they see fit. Tough subject --- but your right this could cause smaller golf courses alot of problems if they have to pay for this additional equipment.
turk944 says:
I don't know about making it mandatory for every executive and par 3 course and private club in the country. I know they are available around my area. I'd just like to know that if something ever happened to me where I would lose mobility, I wouldn't have to give up the game.
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