Crocs Ace- Evolution In Golfing Shoe
By Kickntrue on 2/6/08
I don't think everyone will be switching to the Crocs Ace anytime soon, but I think they are at least a unique idea and something to consider for the casual and backyard hacker.

The shoes mix the comfort and look of Crocs with the golf technology of recently acquired Bite Shoes. After seeing a pair at the Merchandise Show I think I can at least say they are a pretty cool concept. I don't own a pair of traditional crocs but I know enough people who do and swear by them. If these stay on the foot while swinging I don't really see any reason they wouldn't work.

The Ace will come out later this spring and retail for under $50.

Some stats:

* the fusion of comfort and sport, a concept pioneered by others but perfected by Crocs
* circulation nubs stimulate blood flow
* footbed conforms to foot creating a custom fit
* loose fit and lightweight design allow feet to bend and expand naturally, reducing fatigue
* adjustable turbo strap hugs the heel enhancing stability and performance
* ventilation ports increase breathability while also helping you line up your feet "square to the ball" for increased aim and accuracy
* no holes on sides to protect your feet from fresh morning dew and incredibly easy to clean
* traditional golf spike pattern includes an innovative 'target' pattern to help you focus your game
* lug traction system features extra traction to effectively balance weight during swing
* so easy to get on and off you may forget how to tie your old golf shoes

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