New Course Awarded 2015 US Open
By Kickntrue on 2/8/08
Chambers Bay, a 7 month old course near Tacoma, Washington, has been awarded the 2015 US Open. It will be the first course in the Pacific Northwest to host a US Open. It is also big news because of how new the course is. There has been a push recently to start including newer courses into the mix for major events, but until now the older courses have been chosen. (FullStory)

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buffalogolfer says:
I don't think that it's a "new course" thing as much as it is the following two things:
--Get the Open out of the hands of a-hole members at storied clubs who cannot be bothered with an Open, and get it into the hands of courses and clubs with less member influence;

--Get the Open into regions of the country where it has not traditionally been hosted. Chambers Bay is Bandon-esque with Open length and accesibility. The northwest (much like the southwest and southeast) deserves a shot at hosting an Open. It should not be the domain of the northeast, even though I live here. And Pinehurst does not count as the southeast! I'm talking George, Florida, Mississippi and the like.
Kickntrue says:
BuffaloGolfer.. welcome to oobgolf! amen!
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