Will Euro Tour Be Back In India?
By Kickntrue on 2/13/08
An interesting article by Golfweek's Alistair Tait talks about the culture shock felt by European Tour players at a recent event in India. It sounds like many of the players don't want to return.

This sits tough with me. I've been to New Delhi as well as other parts of India and I certainly know where the players are coming from with their concerns of poverty and dirtiness. That said, I'm not sure how not going back helps. An event like a major European golf tournament is exactly the kind of thing that can help a country like India. The real issue is the the European Tour stepping in and trying to have some control of where the money made from the event goes.

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golfgirl says:
What a pathetic bunch of elitist, overprotected cream puffs. Really. I've been to New Delhi...I've been all over India. I saw the grinding poverty and shockingly primitive conditions, but I also saw the natural beauty and vibrant culture and experienced the kindness and generosity of the Indian people. That last part was apparently lost on the group of gutless crybabies.

You really get the impression from reading the Golfweek article that these guys just didn't want to be bothered with anything that exposed them to real life or human suffering...even in a peripheral way. Dubai was fine. Yes because ss long as it looks and smells and tastes like Disneyland these guys can handle it.

There wasn't one mention any of the high profile golfers wanting to help bring attention to the plight of these people who are suffering so horribly that it's unbearable to so much as observe them, even from an air conditioned shuttle bus.
golfgirl says:
The reactions seemed to be uniformly, "this place is awful and disgusting and we deserve better than this" and "Why would you come to this awful place, I never want to see anything like this again." Like if you don't see it, it
doesn't exist. That way the whole world looks and feels like Augusta National.

I know you've been to India and Nepal Andrew, and you get it. But clearly, the guys portrayed in the GolfWeek article, did not.

Rant over. Thank you. Oh, let me go over an post this on Alistair's blog. he
falcon50driver says:
Come on,tell us what you really think, you don't have to sugar coat it for us.. By the way why don't you participate with some scores? else you'll have to change the name to nogolfgirl...
turk944 says:
Alright, I let this sit for 24 hours to see if I was still bothered by the comments by these PGA golfer. The result, still bothered. I agree with golfgirl, I don't understand what these PGA tour pros expected. You take a country with centuries of ancient tradition that they don't want to change, combine that with the second most populated country in the world, and then make it a growing industrialized nation that is still in its infancy in this regard. I find it funny that the same year the LPGA has Golf FORE Africa and sends LPGA pros to Rawanda to help the people of that country, and the PGA pros are bothered by riding in a bus from their resort hotel to the golf course.
turk944 says:
If I'm not mistaken, the treatment of factory workers during the industrial revolution in this country was not always appropriate. Working in dangerous conditions for very little pay and no health benefits. Think about the treatment of African Americans in the southern United States up until the 1960's. Life in America wasn't all peaches and roses either. Now take those types of issues, and 1.1 BILLION people, not the 300 Million we have in America now.

I studied with many students that came from India. I think they would be very offended by the remarks of some of these pros. They understand their country is behind where it needs to be, but there are also big strides being made to improve the living conditions for these workers.
turk944 says:
I'm sorry the pros on the tour had to be bothered by being exposed to a culture that exists outside of their perfect little country club existence. I think this shows some of the real colors in these pros. You can't say you want to help underprivileged people that are being left behind by a system that is working to improve, and then in the next week say you are never going back to a place that disgusting, awful place.

Maybe some of the people living on the streets in India are disgusted by the amount of money that is wasted on $100,000 cars and million dollar houses, when they have to " put children to bed at night under dirty blankets laid out on the sidewalk."

Think before you speak, these are real people that may have looked up to you at one point, and were probably very grateful to have an event such as this in their country. Probably not anymore.

Anyway, that's the end of my rant. Spoiled people annoy me.
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