Woman Sues Golf Club After Being Banned From Event
By Kickntrue on 2/19/08
Elaine Joyce is suing a public course in Cape Cod where her family holds a full membership after being banned from a men-only event held last May. Joyce is a champion amateur golfer and was looking forward to whipping the boys at Dennis Pines.

I feel like we've heard this story before- but what makes it interesting is that it is a public course. I'll risk my neck with a few of my own thoughts. While on the surface this screams discrimination against Ms. Joyce I think a court needs to look at it from the standpoint of true equal services to men and women. For instance- I'm sure many would flip if they allowed men to play in the women's club championship. That said- if they course doesn't offer a women's event, then I think Joyce should be allowed to play because their is no alternative.


As a side note:
"Although Elaine Joyce is a member, Champoux, the head pro, did not inform her of the decision to bar her from playing. Instead, he called her father."
Elaine Joyce is 43, not 17. There's a word for people like Russell Champoux. Let's play charades. One word, five letters, rhymes with....

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LexMacar says:
I think it should be pretty straight forward, if its a mens only thing then it is a mens only thing. After all we all know what G.O.L.F. really stands for.

Just kidding.

Joking aside if thats a mens only thing ask them to do another tournie a coed and recruit some more women for the thing. I hate people who sue for stupid trivial things. Those are my two cents.

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