Wie's Wrists Will Never Be 100%
By Kickntrue on 2/20/08
Michelle Wie is teeing off this weekend on a sponsor's exemption in Hawaii and has come to the conclusion that her wrists will never be the same as they were before her injury last year. "Obviously, it's not 110%, but I feel pretty healthy," said Wie. I think the real issue is that she doesn't understand math. I'm not sure her wrists can ever be 110%...? (Story)

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mbills1015 says:
Michelle Wie plain and simple is a mess. Why not tell everyone before the year starts why your going to be bad... Its not b/c you were never as good as everyone said you were, its b/c your wrists hurt. I can't wait till Michelle Wie isn't news anymore b/c she working as the cart girl on a local muni after she couldn't hack it in the professional ranks.
golfgirl says:
There's nothing I'd like to see more than for Michelle Wie to do well this weekend, because if she did start playing well she'd be more exciting to watch than anyone else. Can she do it? it's doubtful, but I, for one, would welcome it. I hate to say this but I find Annika Sorenstam excruciatingly boring. Though I acknowledge that she's an extraordinary player, she just has no magnetism, IMHO.
chipotle mg says:
she made the cut and played well until the final round.
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