Jessica Witt
The Hole Just Looks Bigger
By Kickntrue on 7/7/08
You know how a golfer "in the zone" says the hole just seems bigger? A researcher from Purdue University proved this to be true. Of course the hole is in fact exactly the same size- but by using a series of tests, Jessica K. Witt and her co-authors showed that there is a mental perception for better golfers that the hole is wider. Check out the article- it explains some of the technical stuff a little better than I can.

It's all mental folks.


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theredmission says:
Pretty interesting.
Edgar G says:
That is very interesting.Maybe when I become a better golfer I will check to see if it is any bigger!!
turk944 says:
PapaJoe says:
Oh Yeah? Freud said that when "all the peoples were in the zone, all the holes then seemed bigger, too!" Psycho malarkey!!
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