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By Kickntrue on 2/21/08
It kills me when tee companies try to claim that their tees make you a better golfer and let you hit longer and straighter drives. But what do I know? You've got to see the video on this site with the testimonials. I couldn't stop laughing. I'm not sure if that was the purpose though. (RoyalTees)

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Cowboy says:
The fact is: The consistent height is valuable, the soft rubber will protect your club face and would seem to be less resistant and the thing pretty darn durable.

Further more the Crown Top does reduce surface area and what most people donGÇÖt know is that a concave surface like that of the Royal Tee along with the crown top actually reduces the suction created when the ball leaves the top of the Tee

One more thing, if youGÇÖve ever seen a high speed picture of a ball being struck by a Driver then you know the ball actually pancakes against the club face which naturally increases the diameter of the ball. That increased diameter needs to go somewhere and if a rigid tee is in the way, what happens to the ball? What would happen to the ball if it were a flexible rubber Tee with a soft concave top?

Maybe it isnGÇÖt wise to laugh at the Royal Tee just yet. LetGÇÖs see what happens. Maybe itGÇÖs finally the Specialty Tee weGÇÖve (well at least some of us have) all been waiting for.
Cowboy says:
I must agree there are a few GÇ£SpecialtyGÇ¥ Tees that are comical but seriously, could something insignificant as a Tee actually help our game?

Some of the Specialty Tees look and sound good but there are usually issues with these Tees that eventually force the golfer back to using the wooden tee.

The Royal Tee claims it was tested on a robot and it was proven to go longer and straighter with less back spin and greater accuracy. It claims teeing your ball at a consistent height every time. It claims less resistance. It claims to protect your club face from marring and it claims that it is durable enough to last the entire season.

LetGÇÖs face it, some of these things would be difficult to prove either way, some can be proven (Iron Byron) and some are simply obvious.
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