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Why Are People Giving Up Golf?
By Kickntrue on 2/21/08
A New York Times article in today's edition takes a look at the declining numbers of golfers in the United States over the past few years. There are many guesses for why, but no certain answers. Comments are more than welcome. (FullStory)

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ronphoto says:
Ultimately, it comes down to a round of golf on a course in reasonably decent shape has become too expensive.

Every new course that opens wants to cater to an upscale clientele. The person working two jobs or with family responsibilities doesn't want to /can't afford to pay over $100 per round on a daily-fee course.

Golf is an activity that provides a relaxed pace and a higher quality of life. Unfortunately, Suzy and Sam Soccerparents are so busy hauling their kids to every kid activity that they can't find time to attend church or synagogue, have meals at a table together, or enjoy a single activity as a group. A family of four can't go to a Major League Baseball game and have a hot dog and a drink for less than $100, even for the worst seats in the house. Why is golf exempt from all these issues?

They want more players? Reduce the expense of a round. Wait for the golden goose to lay the golden eggs, rather than killing the goose by reaching into its body and extracting them forcibly.
falcon50driver says:
People are quitting golf because it's a stupid game. It IS a game and not a SPORT. If it was a sport you couldn't drink beer and smoke cigars while playing , and you'd have to be in good physical shape. I hate the game and I'm gonna quit......someday.
LexMacar says:
i agree with merlin, There are a few really highly technical golf termsthat i would throw in there but due to censorship iam forbidden to list them.
klangdon says:
Less golfers, good. That means I can play faster.
dectra says:
I agree with Klangdon. The less folks are hacking away in front of (or behind me) the better.

I play to learn the game and to enjoy myself. That becomes kind of hard when you're at a course that schedules foursomes every 3 minuets....
grand hawk x22 says:
My club may not be the most saught after course to play but with low greens fee and short yardage we are full every weekend during the season.
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