By Kickntrue on 2/27/08
I was recently emailed about OnTheGreenComic.com, a golf humor blog which features daily cartoon comic strips relating to golf. The site is run by Jerome Green and he does a pretty good job with it. It seems like a pretty new site- so I hope he keeps up the good work- especially with the comic strips. They are entertaining and not just focused on the course. (OnTheGreenComic.com)

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Redfern says:
I like this approach to golf and political satire. The site does look new and I hope they keep coming.
Djehuty Ma'at-Ra says:
I'm loving this, funny. -Djehuty

ps- Is it possible to view the comic on this page without using the link.
QtheRock says:
I really like the Invisible American comic strip..very funny.

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