The magnanimous Vijay Singh.
Vijay Wants Us to Stop Admiring Woods
By Kickntrue on 2/27/08
Ok- that may be a bit misleading. Actually, Vijay Singh thinks Tour players need to stop admiring Tiger and get their game's up to snuff. Who am I to argue with someone who gives $5000 to EaglesForStJude's for every eagle he hits? (FullStory)

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golfgirl says:
Vijay is awesome.
falcon50driver says:
I got a kick out of your poll question this morning "Are you satisfied with your game". Before I clicked my answer, I predicted 100% would be "no". I'd like to hear from the ones who said yes. It's like asking "Would you like to be better looking, or have more money"....... to spend on Golf.
QtheRock says:
I love Vijays spirit. He's right and Tiger is soooo good.

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