Adam Scott- For The Ladies
By Kickntrue on 3/7/08
So we admit it... we don't always make the women feel as at home as they should at oob. I mean- everyone knows the joke about what "G.O.L.F." stands for, but we really don't think that that's true. So as a token gesture- I've provided a little Adam Scott eye-candy. I can admit it, the dude is dreamy.

Go See The Portrait In A Gallery

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golfgirl says:
I don't the Adam Scott thing and I don't think most women really consider him eye-candy. He's a guy's version of what women consider eye-candy, IMHO.
Kickntrue says:
I'm open for hearing some suggestions to do better next time. :(

I'm trying...
golfgirl says:
Don't even have to leave Oz for that.

I'd venture to guess most women would find Geoff Ogilvy much hotter than Adam Scott. He doesn't sell himself as a smoldering sexy type like Scott does, but believe me, most women don't actually like that. Women tend to like the cute, kind, cuddly type like Mr. Ogilvy.

There, the expert has spoken :)
klangdon says:
you want cuddly? then we need to see john daly in the same pose, heck have him loose the shirt.
falcon50driver says:
Adam Scott is Awesome
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