John- 10 years ago.
John Daly's Coach Quits
By Kickntrue on 3/12/08
Butch Harmon has finally had enough of John Daly's "shenanigans" and has dropped him as a client/student. I dunno, a job where the client continues to pay but doesn't care about the results souds like a pretty secure gig. I'll take that job. Send your resumes to to apply. (Story)(FinalStraw?)

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DeepRough says:
and now he skipped out on the pro-am at arnie's event...
Kickntrue says:
This story doesn't appear to be so cut and dry (the skipped pro am story)-

"According to a rules official, Daly called Bay Hill to ask for his tee time and was told 9:47 a.m., which was his starting time for the first round Thursday. He was on his way to the golf course when told he would not be playing."

Sounds like he was screwed by a rules official who didn't know what the heck he was talking about.,28136,172
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