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Golfer's Crotch Hook
By Kickntrue on 3/19/08
So this product from the 1960's is absolutely genius. It goes around your head then extends as a hanging hook in your man (or woman) area. If you pull your head up- the hook comes up and ... well, it teaches you pretty quickly to keep your head down. (BuyHere)

Discovered at UniWatchBlog

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DeepRough says:
only $8 to pierce the family jewels, eh?
klangdon says:
kickntrue, we are going to need a product review on this one. can you provide some honest video on how this works?
treycool04 says:
Wow, I can't believe I actually thought for a second about using something like that to keep my head down...I'll keep my occasional fat shot instead of losing my juevos.
treycool04 says:
AND it says "improve your golf game, THE EASY WAY"!!!!!!
LexMacar says:
andrew i want a full product review asap.
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