Obama Is Getting Better
By Kickntrue on 1/21/09
President Barack Obama isn't going to break course records, but his golf game is getting better. He actually started a couple years ago when his wife Michelle picked up the game and he tagged along. He shoots in the mid-90's and is described as having a sweet short game.

Not everyone thinks it's a great idea, though.
In his 2006 book, GÇ£The Games Presidents Play,GÇ¥ John S. Watterson offers a list of presidential do's and don'ts when it comes to their sports. Golf is No. 1 on the list.

Writes Watterson: GÇ£ 'Golf is fatal,' Teddy Roosevelt famously said, and he was right. Golf has caused more problems for more presidents than any other sport. Taft, Ike, Ford, and even the first Bush, not to mention Vice President Dan Quayle and Bill Clinton, have taken political hits because they either played too much golf or played it in an unacceptable way or with the wrong partners.

GÇ£If you must play golf, avoid the paparazzi. Be wary of the television cameras and telescopic lenses ... (And) oh yes, avoid the pro-am tournaments where you might wing a spectator.GÇ¥
I think just the opposite. I have trouble trusting a man who doesn't golf, especially a rich powerful one. I mean he may be scum (not Barack, just the rich powerful man in general) but at least if he plays golf I know he has some taste for what is good.

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golfray says:
Almost every presidential election I can remember, has been won by the golfer who was running against a non golfer. Think about it. I'll try to round up some statistics on the issue.
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