Practice? ... You Know The Rest.
By klangdon on 1/21/09
Any article with the headline "Practice only way to achieve goals in 2009" has to be lame, right? That's what I thought when I started the article and while some of it is a bit tedious it did have a couple good points and advice on good practice.

I feel like this is said over and over and Over and OVER- but going to the range to hit your driver for 70 balls is pointless. The article also focuses on going to the range with a purpose.
When hitting golf balls, more is not better. Be smart when practicing. DonGÇÖt just go to the range and hit ball after ball without thinking about what you need to improve on.

GÇ£ThatGÇÖs not practice, thatGÇÖs just exercise,GÇ¥ said Jim Murphy, director of instruction at Sugar Creek Country Club.
That's a great quote if nothing else.

Practice With Purpose

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Farm_kid says:
That is a well written common sense approach to golf and practice. I would add that when you have a purpose for practice, the practice will be more fun.
iluv5pam says:
agreed. when i practice, i only try to focus on one problem at a time. dissecting your entire swing will only frustrate you. most of the time, i just work on consistency.
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