The Key To Beating Tiger
By Kickntrue on 3/24/08
Tiger didn't win. The fact that it's a headline in itself is remarkable. In watching the finish of the CA Championship this morning- I did notice something though. I think I've found the key to beating Tiger. Here is how Geoff Ogilvy did it.

It's really quite simple. Usually when you turn the TV on for golf Sunday afternoon you know when you see a red shirt that Tiger is on the screen. This morning the top of the leaderboard was filled with red shirts. Ogilvy (more pink), Goosen and Furyk all wore red along with Tiger. Is it merely a coincidence that those were the top 4 players? It's almost like guys shy away from wearing red on Sunday because it's "Tiger's Thing" when in reality that is the reason he wins so much. I think it's very clear that everyone needs to break out their red shirts on Sunday and we'll have great finishes week after week.

Final Results

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