Courses Getting Greener
By Kickntrue on 3/25/08
Joining in on the social conscious trend to go "green" golf courses are starting to get into the act. It seems a lot of courses are trying to become Audubon International certified as courses that are environmentally friendly.

Obviously "the environment" is a touchy issues these days with most of it coming from disagreements over how bad the situation really is. Some people would have us believe if the world doesn't go green in the next two years we are headed to future doom. Others say that global warming is simply the earth in a natural cycle that happens over it's span.

As far as golf courses go- I think it makes a lot of sense to go green if it happens in the natural progression of maintaining the courses. I'm not a turf management guy so I don't know what mixing grasses and adding wildlife does to a course in its playable state, but it seems to me if you go digging up your course to make it greener you are doing more harm than good. It is very popular to cover your footprint these days, but doesn't putting in more tolerant grass by bringing in bulldozers to pull up the old turf do this? This may not be happening either, I'm just speculating.

If anyone knows the process for this- I'd love to hear inside knowledge. As a side note specific to this news article- it says they introduced 400 quail and hope 50 survive. Is this a reasonable ratio? It seems like losing 87% of your efforts isn't good...?


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mbills1015 says:
one would think that a golf course is already environmentally friendly, but I guess that's not the case. Maybe they should start by building any new courses "green." The 400 to 50 quail ratio does seem strange, not sure who comes up with those figures. I would love that person to be my boss... "you only lost us 87% of our profits, good job!"
chipotle mg says:
when i was in college i took a lot of bio classes and i remember being taught that 99% of all species that ever existed are now extinct. that's species and not just organisms. so if we are working with 1 percent there, 13% here might be good??
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