Segway X2 Golf
By Kickntrue on 3/28/08
So the Segway (really any other "cart alternative") on the golf course hasn't taken off. Fortunately that hasn't prevented them from improving on their original model. The Segway X2 Golf is available for a cool $6500. It looks cool... but I think they should send me one to review to be sure. (SegwayLink)

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quickgolfsecrets says:
That is a perfect use for the Segway. Why didn't anyone think of this before...?
klangdon says:
The best sell is to get courses to use these insead of carts. Better for the course condition and speed of play.
jdaly says:
uh... I don't see a "beverage" holder.
LexMacar says:
Im gonna have to disagree on this. THIS IS A TERRIABLE IDEA! only practical for a private course, I will elaborate. First you have to have a 20 minute training before you start your round to get used to riding the segway. other thing its a 8xxx piece of equipment if you are on a public course whats gonna stop someone from going to a hole out of club house sight, calling a friend with a truck, put it in the bed and drive off. Reason why is my local course that i go to had some trial segways there the x2 or what ever it is and the head pro stated the above list of negatives.
westhavengolfclub says: Segway GT videos.

Note that they do come with cup holders, or cold packs. They run so quiet that the users have to make their own sound effects. Theft of anything is always a problem, but with sign-in info, credit card, and proper insurance that is a minor problem. Are we in such a hurry that we can't spare 20 minutes? The training time is more than made up by faster play in the first round.
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