April Fools And Golf
By Kickntrue on 4/1/08
Since yesterday's baseball and golf link was so well received (grrr), I decided today to look at golf and April Fools Day.

Some of the best:

* Golf Magazine prints an article about how Augusta National was going to become a public course. " As a result of this report, both Augusta National and Golf magazine received hundreds of calls from eager golfers inquiring about playing privileges. But the report was an April fool's joke, despite its placement in the May issue. Golf magazine was forced to publish a retraction, reaffirming that Augusta National was still a private club open only to members and guests." (Source-#91)

* "Sun Microsystems Inc.'s then-chief executive officer, Scott McNealy, walked into his office on April 1, 1988, and found it had been transformed into a par-four golf hole. The 1988 golf-hole stunt, for instance, included a tee area, sand traps, water hazard, golf carts and ball washer." (Source)

* Not sure if this was on April Fools Day, but it's a good prank on Charles Barkley. (Source)

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klangdon says:
How is his office big enough to make it a par 4?
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