Which ESPN will we have this week?
ESPN Ramping Up For Masters
By Kickntrue on 4/7/08
The most annoying thing about ESPN (and the reason I avoid it except for live events) is that they promote the crap out of their own programming in other shows. Fortunately, with ESPN winning the bid to cover the first two days of The Masters- at least their constant babbling could produce some good material (vs telling us why we should like arena football and soccer). Here is their Master's video page with some good highlights and clips from the past.

Master's Video

As a side note- if you do get a chance to catch SportsCenter this morning they have the Sunday Conversation with Tiger Woods. It's pretty intersting. He says he takes himself over Nicklaus and that he's GOING to pass him in major championship victories. He said he'd rather have 19 majors than 100 career wins. Fortunately for him, I think he's going to have both.

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