Vomit inducing.
T-Shot Energy Drink (Fun Update)
By Kickntrue on 4/7/08
The other night I needed to stay up late to work on something. I decided to try out a sample of T Shot Energy Drink (which looks they've now re-branded as 418 Energy- get it? For 18...) that I got at the golf show back in January. I should have visited their website before trying- to get a gage of quality.

The good news is that it kept me awake... all night. Maybe I should have actually performed some physical activity versus having that devil's juice pumping through my veins while I just sat on my butt.

The bad? I know some people don't like the taste of drinks like Rockstar and Red Bull- but to me it's at least drinkable. If you like the taste of this crap you are not human. It tasted like battery acid mixed with 3 days worn underwear. I almost puked putting it down... seriously.

Their Website

They changed their website this morning when they saw our hits coming in. Here is the company website. Crazy story. They also sell "Sex in a bottle" called Mamajuana. I've had Mamajuana but not this energy drink knock off- but the real stuff in Dominican Republic that they give to honeymooners. Umm.. I can't endorse this stuff they sell but I can tell you the stuff in DR is fun.

Their Website

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klangdon says:
I picked up my own bottle at the PGA show (too chicken to try it).

This stuff contains 200 mg of caffiene in 2oz. Its a cardiac arrest waiting to happen. Thats 1000% more caffiene per oz than red bull and about 600% more than a cup of coffee.

Not sure what the "Cat's Claw" ingredient does...
chipotle mg says:
does it help your putting? lol
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