Should she play with the men?
Meanwhile... Continuing to Dominate
By Kickntrue on 4/14/08
I understand that the Masters hype will always overshadow all other golf happenings in April, but soon people are going to be forced to start recognizing what Lorena Ochoa is doing on the LPGA. She won by 11 strokes yesterday with a score of -25. She qualified for the Hall of Fame with her win. Now she just needs to play 4 more years to get in. Holy Smokes! (Story)

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volleyhart says:
This woman is on fire - she's been playing just lights out. Looking forward to seeing oobgolf down in our neck of the woods in a few weeks.
klangdon says:
Lorena is leading womens driving average this season at 279.6 yards. The PGA tour average is currently sitting at 281.4 with solid players like Furyk only hitting 273.5. Those are just the facts...
Snyper says:
Put her with the men, and she will suck, just like EVERY OTHER WOMAN! I would love it if noone ever suggested women playing against men again. Everyone thought Anika could do it and she couldn't. Everyone thought Michelle Wie could do it, and she can't even beat other women. Ladies, JUST GIVE UP! Be happy you have a women's tour that people actually watch, and leave it at that!
klangdon says:
hey slow down, i was just pointing out she has been driving as well as the men and deserves some credit for that.

i don't think wie deserves to be mentioned in the same paragraph as lorena.
chipotle mg says:
i think it's a bit insulting to mention playing with the men when a woman shows great play. that goes for many other sports as well. i refuse to vote in today's poll.
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