By Kickntrue on 4/17/08
Brandt Snedeker cried when he was done with his Sunday round at The Masters and people think he's a better man for it. You can decide for yourself. More important to the discussion- what is up with the visor? He has perfect hair to wear a hat and let his wings fly on the sides. Instead he wears that cheesy visor with his straight hair tucked in. Boo. (FullStory)

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volleyhart says:
Really? We care about his taste in fashion?
chipotle mg says:
that's funny i thought he played well and showed courage and heart on the course all weekend. it's hard for me not to root for a guy like that.
mattlagolf says:
does it matter if he wears a visor or not, come on he played great at agusta.
sidewinder0613 says:
Who cares if he wears a visor. Its a free country.
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