Golf- An Olympic Sport.
By Kickntrue on 4/18/08
PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem is working hard to get golf into the Olympics. The earliest it could happen is 2016. While golf has become a worldwide sport- it just sounds weird that it could be an Olympic sport. That said- so does racing snowboards. (Story)

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chipotle mg says:
ahh the olympics..

what i can't understand is why so many of the popular sports in the usa like football and golf are not olympic sports. i know traditionally the games were more basic like track and shot put or even weightlifting. what is and what is not an olympic sport, the process of deciding, the whole issue needs to be cleaned up by someone in charge of running the games. there is too much history to start adding and dropping sports without respecting what the games have been for so many years.
falcon50driver says:
Is golf a sport or a game? Does it have to be a sport to be in the olympics? They're called the Olympic Games. I'm so confused........
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