Chinese News Agency says Golf is Too Expensive
By Kickntrue on 11/24/06
A news agency in China released a signed commentary saying that golf is too expensive and a waste of time. You may remember we posted a story out a month ago that some Chinese unviversities were requiring golf classes for business students.

Specifically, the issues pointed out were that golf courses are taking up farmland and using up large amounts of the limited water sources. They report also cites the expansion of the socio-economic gap between the poor and wealthy.

Read the entire story here.

You can read the previous oob link here.

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klangdon says:
Related to the issue of golf courses taking up too much space. I think someone needs to come up with a way to allow non-golfers to enjoy the beauty of courses. There has to be a way for people to enjoy courses while others are playing golf without getting pegged in the head... If this occurred not only would more people encourage golf course development, but I also think more people would end up playing the game.
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