Is Fairway % Overrated?
By Kickntrue on 4/28/08
Sergio Garcia shot the low round of the Byron Nelson Championship on Saturday while hitting only 2 of 14 fairways. For the weekend he was near last in fairway % yet ranked in the top 5 in the field in GIR. Something doesn't add up. (Story)

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HotBacon says:
I personally think FIR% is a stat to be taken w/ a grain of salt on the PGA Tour. Most guys out there are able to hit the green from the rough just as easily as they can from the fairway (see Sergio's stats over the weekend). It is a more useful stat for us mortals that can see we are not making pars, because we're not hitting GIR, because we are not hitting FIR.

A more useful driving stat for the tour might be a "playable second shot %" stat that tracks wildly bad drives (behind trees, in the water, OB, etc.).
Snyper says:
Even though I HATE the Flyers, I have to say that was very well said Bacon. I agree 100%.

GO CAPS! (next year's Stanley Cup Champions)
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