Suction Putter Grips
By Kickntrue on 4/28/08
You putt. You make putt (maybe). You reach down to pick up the ball from the cup, OR you can use the new putter grip retriever from NeverMore. It's a small suction cup at the end of the putter so you can just flip your club over and grab the ball without reaching. Seems useful for some people and just downright joyfully lazy for others. I'm going to get one. (Awesome)

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Josh says:
Order two... I've never re-gripped clubs myself you can show me how with this thing, then we can go be lazy.
klangdon says:
regripping isn't too bad:
falcon50driver says:
Heaven forbid we should accidently get some exercise during a round of golf, I mean you might spill your beer when bending over, order me one too.
hogan72 says:
2008 is the season of the chip-in. I'm putting one of these bad boys on my sand wedge!!
Snyper says:
two words. OLD MEN!
theredmission says:
Wait a sec, this thing hadn't been invented yet? I was sure someone was already producing a similar product. Besides that come on, unless you're over 70 there is no reason for that you need that.
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