Drug Testing In Golf- Does USGA Even Care?
By Kickntrue on 4/30/08
I found an interesting article that suggests the governing bodies of golf really aren't in much of a hurry to implement drug testing into their sport. Is it because they don't think it exists or that they're afraid of what they may find?

My favorite part of this article is actually the first comment at the bottom.
If drug taking were compulsory in golf it would finally turn it into a sport worth watching. A tab of acid for every player on the morning of the final round would make for compelling viewing. Keep the testers out, bring the drugs in!

I think this guy makes a good point. Golf WOULD be more interesting with drugs.


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John Flanagan says:
I think it would be a new beginning of some real "DRINKING AND DRIVING"
Imagine what they would find? all those millionaires I know there are some major Coke heads out there let alone Pill heads.
falcon50driver says:
I one had to laugh while drinking a Dr. Pepper and it shot out of my nose. I never wanted to snort Coke after that experience.
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