Butch Harmon Is Sorry
By Kickntrue on 4/30/08
Butch Harmon appologized to John Daly for dropping him as a client. It seems that action and his words caused Daly a lot of money in sponsorships. Look- I love John Daly as much as the next guy, I really do... but he's ranked 550 in the world right now. Maybe THAT'S why he dropped you. (FullStory)

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RocketSauce says:
Yep, I feel bad for Daly, but at the same time, I dont, because he is his own worst enemy. He could've been one hell of a golfer with the natural talent he has. But he wasted his prime golfing years partying instead of concentrating on his game. Well, hopefully by the time he is 50, he will get his act together for the Champions Tour. That would be cool.
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