Made In China- Experience With TaylorMade
By Kickntrue on 5/1/08
One of our users (Rich Szabo) sent me a story he posted on his blog about his experience recently with TaylorMade. His opinion does not reflect oobgolf's opinion- but it is an interesting viewpoint. (MadeInChina)

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klangdon says:
just for the record: oobgolf is 100% "MADE IN THE USA"
chipotle mg says:
i find it disapointing to read "made in china" but i think their email response was the truth. it is cheaper to have the club components made in china. i repsect their honesty even if they didn't sign it with a real person's name.
RocketSauce says:
what i dont understand is, like the article mentioned when referring to the musical instruments, is why the prices never went down after they stopped manufacturing in the USA and started manufacturing in China.
blipszyc says:
Be thankful that when they had the manufacturing in the USA, the prices didn't go much higher than they already were. I'm sure the move to China was to fatten their margins while keeping pricing the same.
pt71658 says:
The bottom line here goes well beyond origin of a product and profit margins. The issue is we continue to become more a service based economy while we aid the development of industrial countries. They make stuff and sell it offshore - they will prosper. We print money and send it to them. Money that will soon be of no value.
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