Jason Bohn Story
By Kickntrue on 5/1/08
Jason Bohn is currently leading the Wachovia Championship in Charlotte, NC. He may not win- but he has a pretty cool story and a unique "almost" connection with oobgolf.

Jason is from Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, which is also the location of the oobgolf headquarters. That's the "almost" connection. Obviously being from the same place isn't that rare but that's usually in big city situations. Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, has a population of only 5,620 people. The fact that we know people who went to school with Jason becomes a little cooler.

Anyway- the REAL cool part. Jason was a solid but not amazing golfer when he was in high school. Unfortunately for Jason his high school did not have a golf team so he had to play and practice on his own. Jason walked on to Alabama- a top university to play golf for sure, but he wasn't a star.

Jason was playing a tournament (not college affiliated) where he hit a hole-in-one that was sponsored for $1,000,000. To accept the money he had to give up his college eligibility as an amateur but chose to do so. He then used the money to play golf and work on his game to try to make it to the PGA Tour. He struggled through mini-tours and has finally reached his dream. He still has his struggles. He's certainly not a top name on the Tour, but what a cool way to get there.

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Blakevt says:
Jason is a great guy. I met him a couple of years ago at the Wyndham Championship in Greensboro, NC. I was caddying in the pro am and Jason was our pro. He was super nice to everyone (even us volunteers). :)
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